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After you are familiar enough with the basic ideas of binary option trading and understood thoroughly how to use bullish/bearish strategies, now it is time for you to look go over more advanced possibilities such as volatility and range strategies. It is not simple to decide which direction you are going with the market in front of you, but you still may believe that you will have the chance to achieve your goal and profit from there.


In the case of trading a specific stock or commodity, all you can determine here is if that asset is going to go up or go down. However, binary options allows you to have more flexibility. Take a look at any graph or chart of the asset, you will realize that at any time span, the asset fluctuates in and out of ranges. These fluctuations within and outside of ranges makes it possible for a beginner trader to profit even at the times of the market not indicating a solid trend. These kind of situations are quite common in any asset level. It is advisable to look at the possibility of Range Trading.


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As you start implementing this strategy, you are going to identify an asset indicating no apparent sign of a trend and then select the right option in order to profit. For instance, if you predict that the price of the NASDAQ stock index is comparatively stable, what you can do is to buy an option that is within the range. Choose RANGE options, find your asset, then click “IN”. If the option seems to be unstable, thus the asset's oscillations are dramatic with little indications of choosing a conclusive direction, the trader can buy an Out of the range option.


For example, when you are done with analyzing the NASDAQ index with technical analysis, and you see that the index is fluctuating extremely but there isn't any signs of a trend. A range option seems suitable in this case, so you buy an “OUT” of range option, as volatility appears to be high. If you predicted right, you will profit for sure if the market goes beyond the range.

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